Wednesday, August 21

Get to Know About a Miracle Skincare product I Recently Tried Out and Its Maker

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I have always being in search of the ideal skincare product that could take care of my pesky skin. Most of those endorsed by friends have never been useful to me. Still, I have being relentless in the hope of finally finding a gentler product, which would do the trick. The other day, I stumbled across a locally based line almost unawares. I had an appointment with Dr. John Layke of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, for a small cosmetic procedure. I was very glad with the eventual outcomes. More to the point, I was elated when this surgeon took his time to talk things through with me. I am now convinced he handles all his patients with the same courtesy regardless of the exact procedure they wish to be done on them. 
I told him of my never-ending skin challenges, and he enlightened me of the revolutionary skincare line, he had developed with his partner Dr. Payman Danielpour. In the long run, Dr. Layke recommended the Beverly Hills MD Regenerating Stem Cells Moisturizer, and I decided to give it a try. The main motivation that decided me was this product carried a no question asked’ moneyback guarantee. Yet, I was not fully sold, and had a nagging apprehension that my skin would rebel again. I must say I was completely astonished by the results I obtained, right from the first day I utilized this moisturizer. My skin was glowing and brighter than it had ever been for a very long period of time. After similar outcomes over a few days of utilization, I decided to research this miracle’ product. In essence, it works in 3 different areas of skincare, which are tone, texture as well as radiance. The 2 physicians refer to this effect as the golden triangle. Here is a list of its active ingredients. 

Swish Alpine Rose Stem Cells 

These stem cells carry out their function by adapting to damaged skin cells and get to do their job for them. They accomplish this by the addition of newer and lively energy to the skin. The ultimate result is radiant and more energetic skin that appears much younger than you really are.


This ingredient functions by boosting the potency of the stem cells in this formulation. It does this by effectively activating them and playing a significant role in the recharging of the skin to lend it a more youthful appearance, real quick. 



Hydaflower Complex 

This complex comprises of rose, daisy and jasmine extracts. They work hand in hand to efficiently regulate the tone of the skin. This results in the complexion of the user taking a newer radiance and flawless sheen. There is also hydroluronic acid included in this complex, and it can infuse plenty of moisture to the skin to plump it up and smoothen it. All in all, the overall outcome is what can be likened to an airbrushed complexion. 
I now firmly believe Beverly Hills MD skincare products are painstakingly formulated utilizing only the gentlest and safest key ingredients. While I am also aware the 2 doctors unceasingly strive to work with the very latest innovations in this field and high quality active ingredients. My newly rejuvenated skin bears witness to this conviction.  
Well, you may be probably wondering just who is this Dr. John Layke? Simply put, he is a board certified surgeon by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. After completing his surgical training, he worked with the acclaimed Long Island Plastic Surgery Group. He is a scientist and writer as well. His articles have been published on the finest medical and surgical journals. Dr. Layke has also been on the lecturing circuit both locally and abroad. He first met his partner Dr. Danielpour while they studied plastic and reconstruction surgery at Nassau University Medical Center. 
They later on founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, and afterwards their skincare line. He has as well appeared on popular TV shows such as The Doctor,’ NBC- LA and even Entertainment Tonight. The skincare range is pocket-friendly and includes cleansers, creams, lip and eyelash enhancing serums. All of which are formulated in the US. They are also 100% cruelty-free too. Finally, the 2 physicians make it a point to allocate a certain portion of the proceeds from each product to a global children’s charity. This organization offers free cleft palate surgical procedures to kids from all over the world.

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