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Hollywood Actress Reveals Her Health Struggles And What She’s Doing About it

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Maggie Q plays FBI Agent Hannah Wells in the hit ABC series Designated Survivor. But in real life, she’s spent over a decade conducting a personal investigation on an issue that affects millions of Americans. The question she’s been asking …

“Why do most Americans feel like crap?”

Now, Maggie’s quest began because she felt she was never at her best. But, as she started to solve some of the mysteries about her own compromised health, she vowed to share what she learned with as many people as possible.

Luckily, we had the tremendous fortune of speaking with Maggie Q, and we wanted to help get the word out. Here’s just a bit about her amazing journey, and how she intends to empower Americans to improve their health:

So, how did your journey to great health begin?

Well, I’ll share something very personal with you. My health issues started about 12 years ago. At the time, I felt helpless, because there were so many doctors that couldn’t help me, didn’t know enough about nutrition, and wasn’t able to articulate what my problems were.

In my case, it was a swollen, bloated belly that robbed me of my confidence and I, I mean, it made me feel so unattractive. So I started eating well, but I was still feeling bad. Irritable bowels caused me to bloat and I felt tired all the time. I would have puffy eyes – even when I would get enough sleep – which made me look like crap and hurt my confidence even further. Little did I know, it was all related to digestion.

My issues led me to research, and I discovered digestive issues affect people of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are thick or thin, if you eat meat or are a vegetarian. I know, because even cutting out all the foods I was told were bad for me didn’t help.

Wow, so this was a huge struggle for you? How did you manage to turn it around?

So the first thing I wanna tell you is … do not blame yourself. To figure this out, I had to visit, no joke, 10 different doctors. And, it’s so important to break that image that there is no issue and that there is no challenge. So, I ended up educating myself on what my issues were.

This led me to Dr. de Mello, who became not only my doctor, but also my friend, and somebody who led me on a journey of health that was beyond anything I was doing on my own because of his medical background.


Talk to us about how ActivatedYou came to be?

We ended up coming together and really wanting to help people. We had the same mandate –  We both knew that people needed to hear our stories, understand what our challenges were, and that we were no different from them. Eventually, Dr. de Mello and I knew we were going to create something together that was going to help people.

We wanted to create a product, ActivatedYou, that’s about having a support system, a platform, and an educational program people can follow. We’re not just saying, “Here’s your product. Good luck. Go home. Hope it works for you, fingers crossed.” We want to hear from you.

So, it’s less about supplements and more about a support system?

Yes. We wanted to create a community of people who were challenged like Dr. D. and I both were in our lives, and in our health. And we want that platform to not only help people in our inner circle, but extend out further … not only to people who are using the product, but to their family and friends. Hopefully, the residual effect of the information will be something that people will use for the rest of their lives. This was our mandate and what we’re doing with ActivatedYou.

What’s the difference between ActivatedYou supplements and, say, other probiotics?

Well, if you’re already using a probiotic now, we guarantee you will feel a significant improvement over what you are used to with our proprietary blend. It’s that powerful. This is one of the only probiotics on the market backed by real human clinical studies. It’s something you need to feel to believe.

And, I can’t tell you exactly when it will happen, it may be in a few days or it could take a few weeks but it certainly will happen. And this is something I call the magic moment. The magic moment is when you wake up one day and realize something is different. Your senses are more powerful, you’re more alert, you’re more centered, and on point. The air feels crisp. Your body feels alive. Your serotonin levels have soared, and you just feel like everything is, is right. Then you realize that’s the way you were supposed to feel all along.

You’re so passionate about health and starting a wellness company!

It’s so funny. Co-workers and friends have an open line to me. I’ll get texts in the middle of the night from people going, “You know, Maggie Q, I’m feeling this way,” or “I have this infection,” or “What do you think and what can I do?” It’s hilarious, and I am not a medical doctor. I’m just somebody who’s self-educated, really.

But, this is something that I’ve been journeying with for 15 years. Everyone around me is so excited and it actually really warms my heart, because it means that all these years that I’ve been blabbing away that they were actually listening, and that it’s something that I can confidently say, “I trust this product. I take it myself.”

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