Wednesday, February 20

Luxury Vinyl flooring

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Luxury vinyl flooring is exceptional on every count. Aside from looking exceptionally good and being affordable, it attracts a lot of people because of its practical, convenient, and easy-to-care-for features. It is easy to install. You do not have to wait forever to have it set up. In fact, the very simplicity of the job has prompted some individuals who are inclined to take on do-it-yourself schemes, domestic repairs and renovation to do the job themselves instead of hiring handymen for the project.

Like any other flooring material, it matters that you know the different types of cheap vinyl flooring so you can choose what best suits for your kitchen. Vinyl flooring is available in a ton of designs and colors, all padded with foam underlayment to add comfort to the feet. However, this cushioning also makes the cheap vinyl flooring vulnerable to dents caused by falling objects. Always consider the look and feel of the flooring when choosing a design. It’s best if you choose one that wouldn’t emphasize dents and scratches.

Below are benefits of luxury vinyl flooring 

1. Durable. Luxury vinyl flooring is very durable. It has a ten to fifteen-year life span when used and abused, even longer when you rarely use the space wherein the type of flooring is used. This flooring will guarantee that your floor will look as good as new because it has a layer that protects the surface from tear and wear from daily use.

2. Water resistant. LVF tiles are resistant to water, making it very suitable for room floorings and even for kitchen or bathroom floorings.

3. Design and appearance. LVF has many different designs which vary in size. Design may be in form of either wood or stone. Wood designs include oak, maple, etc. and marble for stone designs. The designs printed offers very realistic images of either stone or wood. You can hardly tell the difference.


4. Silent floor. LVF absorbs noise thus reducing the noise while walking. And it is perfect to make your house more comfortable.

5. Hygienic. LVF has an anti-bacterial component that makes it easy to maintain. Bacteria has no place on this type of flooring which is especially perfect for families with young children who usually crawl all over the floor.

6. Eco-friendly. LVF is made from virgin Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material which makes it one hundred percent recyclable and can reduce negative impacts to the environment. Choosing this type of flooring will not only make your house look a step classier but also it will the environment.

7. Easy to install. Though floor installation must be done by a professional and well-experienced contractor, installation of LVF is just very easy since it’s basically the same as installing tiles.

If your budget is limited since luxury vinyl flooring is much expensive than other traditional floorings, cheap vinyl floorings can also be considered. This vinyl flooring also provides properties such as durability, water resistance and good designs just like what LVF do provide. However, considering overall aspects between the two floorings, LVF is more desirable to use than the other. If the cheap flooring is chosen, it goes without saying that it definitely will not last as long as luxury vinyl flooring.

It is also easy to keep it in pristine and sparkling condition; a quick going-over with soap and water and a mop is all it takes. For maintenance, all you have to do is to sweep, dust or mop the floor on a regular basis. Accidental spills are also easy to deal with. Parents with children usually go for floors made of vinyl. Vinyl has many child-friendly characteristics. It is soft and smooth – safe for toddlers. It is easy to sterilize – convenient for parents who have children highly prone to react to dust or dirt.

Another major convenience that luxury vinyl flooring presents is its ability to withstand moisture. You can use vinyl for your floors in the kitchen, basement, laundry room, or bathroom without having to worry about it getting wet or reacting to humidity. Some people who are partial to the warm classic beauty of wood opt for luxury vinyl flooring designs which look like wood to use in rooms like these. They get the beautiful textured and classic look of wood without its distinct handicap.

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