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Top Seven Tips for Cracking the LSAT Test

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LSAT or the Law School Admission Test, as it is popular as, is one of the most significant ways to get an entrance into some of the premier law schools. Hence, it is vital to score really well in LSAT. One of the key checks that LSAT checks is the candidate’s ability to raise above his level and the way he shall excel in law school. It does not merely test the already garnered education level. In his way, LSAT differs from the other standardized tests that a candidate takes in high school or in college.

The LSAT test has five distinct sections:

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning Section
  • Logical Reasoning Sections
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing

The first four sections have 24 to 28 questions, which the candidates must complete in 35 minutes. A lot of weightage is given to the two Logical reasoning sections from where 50 percent of the score will go in to the main score in the final. Since in law school and later in the legal field, one would require to use these skills of applying reasoning and critically assimilate them. There would be “Logic games” which the candidates would have to clear to understand the main format of complex relationships. The reading section is more or less, like, those one clears in standardized tests and the test would be to know the best comprehension abilities a candidate has after reading something. Though there is no score for the writing section, still the evaluated paper is given to each law school wherever the student applies. The maximum score for the test is 180 but with 170, a candidate would get 98 percentile score.

Since the score of LSAT is going to reflect on your aptitude and on your ability with regards to your course in law, it will be a vital test to clear. Here are top eight tips to help you clear the LSAT and ease your way to the law school.

  1. Not a Sprint:

Many working people or students in their high school or college try to finish off the practice tests in between their hectic schedule. This is good, but it is important that you train your mind to be ready for facing the LSAT and then throw yourself some challenges and tests now and then.

  1. Be your Own Help

LSAT Is a test of your own aptitude and strength and hence, it shall be helping the law schools check if you have it in you to become a lawyer. Hence, group study might not be the best way to tackle LSAT prep. The questions would be on logic and not on the knowledge that you have gathered from your school life.

  1. Study on-the-go

Instead of lugging your books around everywhere, download an LSAT prep app to your smartphone! It’s much lighter and far more convenient than heavy books and pages of notes, because all of your study materials are right on your phone. This way, you can study wherever and whenever. (Some apps even have discounts.)

  1. Analyze and not just mug up

LSAT will not be on general questions and so you would need to think analytically by familiarizing with the format. Simply practicing the questions for getting the highest score should not be your aim. Learn to learn from your mistakes and improve with the next one.

  1. Polish your Critical Thinking Skills in Class:

If you are taking special class for Logic, or Critical Writing, then learn to analyze and critically examine logic from there. Though experts would not recommend candidates to take any such course, but if they are taking then learning these skills might come in handy.

  1. Play the Logic Games for Your own understanding:

Since each candidate has his own specialization and expertise, one might understand the relationship with a diagram, and one might just understand it verbally. So, try solving these logic games in the best way you think works for you before LSAT exam while practicing it.

  1. No Negative Marking Means Answering All:

All the questions have same marks and so there is no point in wasting time on a tough question. Just get on with it and try to answer all of them. Since there is no negative scoring like how they do in SAT, answer freely the entire question paper.

  1. Know about the easier questions:

Experts say that there are questions that go from the simplest to the most difficult in every section. But in case of logical reasoning it sometimes might be difficult in the middle and then ends up with a lot of simple questions. This is where your practice would be vital before you go for the LSAT Prep.

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