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Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food is Better For Your Dog (and your budget!)

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If you’re worried about what you’re actually feeding your pets, you probably should be. Vague labelling and hidden ingredients are only half the problem. Did you know that the way your dog food is prepared can also make a big impact on your hound’s health?

You can currently buy your dog’s food in many forms, including dry, wet, frozen, dehydrated, air-dried, and freeze-dried. But wet doesn’t equal fresh, and dried doesn’t just mean kibble.

Chef’s Best Pet  food is a freeze-dried dog food that enables you to feed your dog conveniently and quickly without skimping on the vital vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. Chef’s Best takes only the best and freshest ingredients and then rapidly freeze-dries them to lock in all of the nutritional value.

Chef’s Best Pet Food has a blog that’s updated regularly by various Chef’s Best Pet staff members. Stay up to date on the latest pet news and tips to keep your pup healthy and happy.

Benefits of freeze-dried dog food

Freeze-dried dog food is the closest match to “raw food” available. Other drying techniques may claim this fact, but the important difference is that freeze-drying is the only method that does not rely on intense heat to dry the food. This allows the food to retain all of its original nutrients.

Heating food during the process of drying (as in the production of kibble or, to a lesser extent, the process of dehydrating) can destroy key vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Extremely high heat can also change the molecular structure of food and produce potentially harmful chemicals.

Freeze-drying is more time consuming than most drying techniques because it goes through several important phases. First, the food is rapidly frozen. Then it’s placed in a low pressure chamber, where a very small amount of heat quickly turns the solid ice into a gas, leaving behind a dry food. And freeze-drying is the only drying process that leaves you with all the benefits of a raw food.

Chef’s Best Pet Food uses only the very best ingredients in its products. You’ll find such fresh, natural ingredients as turkey ground with bone, beef liver, chicken hearts, duck, salmon, flax, pea flour, sweet potato, blueberries, and apples – and that’s just scratching the surface.

But the best part is that Chef’s Best doesn’t stay dry. Your dog can enjoy the ingredients exactly as they were supposed to be eaten, by just adding water to the food. Once it has re-hydrated, the food returns to its original texture, shape, and flavor – with all the nutrients still intact.

In the busy world that we live in, it’s hard enough to find time to prepare wholesome, unprocessed meals for ourselves. It’s almost impossible to find the time to prepare your dog’s daily meals from scratch as well. But your best friend need not dine poorly if you’ve got Chefs Best Pet Food at hand.

There’s a lot of information to learn about raw diets, freeze dried food, and which brand is the best for your dog. To read up on all three of these things, check out Chef’s Best Pet Food.

The convenience of freeze dried dog food

Freeze-dried dog food is not only better for your pet, but it’s also incredibly convenient. Chef’s Best Dog Food may come in smaller, lighter bags than you’re used to but, much like an astronaut, you’re only saving space for the short term. Once you add water, the weight and size of the meal returns. This also means that you aren’t paying for water weight, which makes the cost per serving is far more affordable.

Chef’s Best Pet lightweight bags also make it easier for travelling with your dog, whether on vacation or just on a daily outing. No matter where you are, you know that your dog will be well fed.

Cooking or preparing raw meals for your pet is difficult to sustain. But freeze-drying allows you to have fresh, non-perishable ingredients on hand at all times that can be instantly transformed into a quality meal for your dog.

With high protein, human-grade ingredients that you’d be more than happy to eat yourself, Chef’s Best Dog Food provides an easy, healthy option for the most playful member of the family – one that they’ll most certainly thank you for in the long run.

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